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Mom Unexpectedly Gives Birth in The Backseat of an Uber

Photograph by Uber

A California couple got the surprise of a lifetime when they took an Uber ride one recent Friday night and, instead of making it to their destination, the woman unexpectedly gave birth in the car, according to ABC News.

Erica and Niv Davidovich were on their way to the hospital to welcome their fourth child when Erica's water broke in the backseat of their Uber driver's Lexus. As for why the couple decided to Uber to the hospital in the first place? They were trying to avoid driving on the Jewish Sabbath, and they thought they still had plenty of time to get to the hospital.

"It was never my wish to deliver without an epidural," Erica said in a phone interview with Mom.me. "When I called the Uber, I didn't know I was in active labor. [My doctor] said that it sounds like I wasn't in labor because I'm smiling and talking for five minutes, so I was just listening to her. That's my doctor."

But Erica quickly knew that she may have called for a ride too late, since the labor pains she felt went "from a 7 to a 9 in pain" during the four short minutes she waited for the car to arrive at her house to take them to the hospital. Yet she said she still didn't realize that this meant she was literally about to give birth.

As soon as the couple made it into the car, her contractions became worse. Two blocks from home, Erica's water broke.

"There was no reason, it just broke," Erica told Mom.me. "I screamed, 'Oh no, my water broke!' I was feeling bad about his car. It was quiet for 30 seconds, then all of a sudden I could feel some pressure down there."

The Uber driver, Raymond Telles, pulled over in front of a Whole Foods and called 911 to help direct paramedics to their location. The now mom-of-four went into shock over what happened next: The birth of her baby boy, right in the backseat of the Uber.

"I couldn't believe it," she said. "From my water breaking to delivery of the whole baby, it was less than two minutes. All I did was sit there, I held on to the handle at the top of the car. I didn't push, I didn't do anything. My husband bent over, and my baby just slid out. It all happened so fast, it was so surreal."

Thankfully, the ordeal ended happily. Once the paramedics got there and Erica was taken to the hospital, she and the baby were able to go home after just 24 hours. Since then, they have seen the pediatrician and both she and her son are doing just fine.

"A healthy baby boy, that's all I wanted," Erica said. "
I couldn’t have done it without my husband. He’s a special guy and he really helped me through it."

As for the Uber driver, Erica said Telles was there the whole time, being "calm and collected and really great" as he safely drove to the hospital before her water broke, and then kept his cool while talking to paramedics on the phone as they waited for them to arrive.

Since then, the family has had a happy reunion with Telles for photos and reminiscing over their crazy ride.

"He gave us a [teddy] bear and we gave him his tip," Erica said, laughing.

After the harrowing experience, the family is simply happy that everyone is doing well—though they promise that, should they have another baby, they will be sure to make it the hospital much earlier.

"I'm really thankful to God that everyone is healthy and it was a great experience," Erica told Mom.me. "And if there is a next time, I will not be in the back of an Uber!"

Photograph by Erica Davidovich
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