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Parents Look to Google for Answers About Their Kids

What did we do before Google? When our kids swallowed something big or had a weird cough, how did we handle it? Sure, there's always the doctor, but they're not around to answer questions 24/7, 365 days a year.

Aside from those life-threatening, pressing questions, what about those queries that we were too ashamed to ask other parents about? You know the ones we're talking about—is my son behind in school; is my daughter overweight? According to new research into the Googling habits of parents, some of their questions seem to have fallen under the "sexist" category.

Sure, what we do (and Google) in our own homes is private, but when stereotypes get involved, that's cause for concern. There's an overabundance of parents who ask the search engine if their son is a genius—for every 25 searches about boys being gifted, there are only 10 regarding girls. Yet, in reality, girls are about 11 percent more likely to be in gifted programs (not to mention: women outnumber men in higher education).

On the other side of the gender spectrum is the role that looks play in Google searches: For every 10 searches about sons being overweight, there are 17 about daughters! There were 160 percent more searches for girls than boys about children being ugly.

What we can hope for is that parents are encouraging their boys AND girls to do well and try hard in school. In the looks department, parents should do all they can to keep their kids (both boys and girls) active, eating well and healthy!

Image via Google

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