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What the Anti-Vaccination Movement Means for Everyone

Living in a First World country has many perks aside from industrialization, a functioning government and sewer systems—one of them being access to life-saving vaccinations.

Recently, there has been a lot of debate about vaccinations and whether they should be mandatory and which ones are safe or not. We wrote about why vaccinations shouldn't be optional, but here's some proof you can actually see.

This map shows where preventable diseases have cases around the world. Africa is no surprise, unfortunately, considering the limited access and funds for vaccines, but a few surprises can be found on the map, specifically in the U.S. and Europe. The deep-purple circles show measles outbreaks—entirely preventable with the MMR vaccine. The vaccine was previously connected to autism, but that evidence was swiftly debunked and all proof was discredited. And yet the association still persists.

Then there are the bright-green bubbles detailing where whooping cough is popping up. Again, it's also preventable by a common vaccine. The whooping cough vaccine is actually legally required, however parents can elect to not have their child vaccinated because of their beliefs. However, because of these "non-medical exemptions," others are suffering, and outbreaks are occurring.

Scary when you can see it so clearly, right? What are your thoughts on vaccinations? Are they a public or private health matter?

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