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Diabetic Boys Meet via Instagram, Become Best Buds

Henry and Angus, Instagram friends

It all started back in December, when Angus's mom, Maggie, posted a photo of her son to Instagram. The little guy had just been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and was clearly a bit bummed.

That's when mom Sara Jensen happened upon the photo, and asked a mutual friend for Maggie's email. Her son, Henry, also had type-1 diabetes, and the two moms soon began chatting back and forth. Maggie confessed that Angus wasn't exactly taking to all of the tests and doctor visits that well. "She said Angus is freaking out, kicking and screaming at the nurses, he won't let anyone check his blood sugar," Sara later recalled to BuzzFeed.

That's when Sara had an idea: she'd make Henry send Angus a little video, to prove that checking your blood sugar is totally NBD:

...to which Angus responded with his own video, which was all, "Oh, yeah, you're totally right!":

And then Henry responded by giving the most enthusiastic and adorable cheer ever:

For the last month, their virtual friendship has really blossomed, according to both moms. In fact, they told BuzzFeed that despite never meeting in real life, the boys have a "bizarrely intense bond."

So when are these two going to finally connect face-to-face and make their bromance official? Sara and Maggie are hoping to orchestrate a little reunion this February—marking Henry's one-year anniversary of being diagnosed. Here's hoping the moms document the meeting and share it, because that is going to be one incredible dose of adorable.

In the meantime, though, the moms are just happy their kids each found a buddy who can relate to what they're going through. "For Henry to have that direct access, [and] for Angus to have that," said Sara. "To be like, 'I'm scared, and I know there's somebody a lot like me and I know there's someone I can talk to..." Yeah, it's pretty amazing.

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