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Dying Dad Writes 800 Touching Napkin Notes for His Daughter

Dying dad writes touching notes for daughter

Garth Callaghan may be dying, but that won't stop him from continuing to do one of his absolute favorite things in the world—inspiring his young daughter, Emma, with little notes of positivity each day. Incredibly, this dad has left a handwritten napkin note in every single lunch bag Emma has opened since the 2nd grade. And each and every one of them has had some uplifting message. (Yep, this guy wins the Awesome Dad Award, hands down.)

Garth, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer recently, was told he had over a 90 percent chance of dying in just a few short years. Now, that's enough to scare the heck out of anyone, let alone one incredibly devoted father, who still has so much left to teach his daughter.

So instead of crumbling into sadness, or surrendering to the fact that one day, there would be no more notes in Emma's lunch bag, Garth made the decision to cheat the system. He vowed to write one napkin note a day for his daughter, from now until high school. (In other words, an incredible 826 napkin notes, written in advance.) That way, he could at least see Emma through adolescence.

Crying yet? We are.

Many of Garth's notes to Emma can be read on this Facebook page. They range from the absolutely adorable ("An awesome day for an awesome kid!") to the wise and empowering ("Dear Emma, What you think of yourself is much more important than what people think of you.")

Go ahead and check it out—you'll be left both inspired and, inevitably, teary.

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