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Child Crawls on $3 Million Museum Sculpture

What happens when you mix kids and museums?

Hopefully, a rich learning experience—but in the case of one family visiting the Tate Modern in London earlier this week, that mixture caused a Twitter storm that saw a child crawling on a multimillion-dollar exhibit in front of nonchalant parents.

Stephanie Theodore, a Brooklyn gallery owner, snapped a pic of the kid, who had apparently squeezed himself in between two blocks of a Donald Judd sculpture, which could be worth about $3 million, according to Gawker, alongside this tweet: "Holy crap. Horrible kids, horrible parents. @tate."

Apparently Theodore then approached the mother, who, according to a follow-up tweet, told Theodore knows "nothing about kids."

"Obv she doesn't either," Theodore continued.

The Tate's guards, Theodore tweeted, "were very grateful for bringing it to their attention."

Wonder, though, where those guards were when the child was wedging himself in there in the first place?

What do you think? What has your experience been when you've visited museums with your kids?

(Photo via Twitter)

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