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Hidden Camera Experiment Leaves Kids Alone With Guns; Results Will Shock You

Hidden camera report leaves kids alone with guns
Photograph by Getty Images/iStockphoto

No matter where you stand on the gun debate, there is one tragic and inarguable fact you can't get around: Every hour, a child or teen is injured by a gun. Just think about that for a second. Every hour.

Then consider this: The same Yale University study that turned up that cold hard fact also recently revealed that an alarming 1.7 million kids live in a home with an unlocked gun.

To explore just how these accidents happen—even after children have been taught about gun safety—ABC World News launched a year-long investigation it plans to air this Friday as part of a Diane Sawyer special. A clip of the report was released Monday, and let's just say it made our hearts sink.

Producers first gathered kids together in a classroom, where a teacher and then a police officer each went over gun safety rules. Kids were told to "STOP. Don't touch. Tell an adult," if they ever spotted a gun in a room they were in. They even sang a song about it.

Then they all went home.

Days later, the kids were back in the same classroom, unsupervised. This time, unloaded guns were left hidden in toy bins and various places around the room, while hidden cameras rolled.

You might think the lessons from a few days before would have stuck in their heads, and that when they came across the barrel of a gun peeking out from under some toys, they would remember to STOP. Don't touch. Tell an adult.

Sadly, that is not how it goes down.

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