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10-Year-Old Heroically Saves Grandpa from Drowning, Then Drives Him to the Hospital

10-year-old saves grandpa

The Jumper family of Swansea, S.C., has been heading up to the same wooded area by their home for years. But last week's trip was one that Coy Jumper and his granddaughter, Cara, are unlikely to ever forget.

According to CNN, Coy had taken Cara up there to check on some beaver traps he'd set up by the lake. But while standing by the water's edge, Coy suddenly suffered a stroke, stumbled and fell into the water in front of Cara. Knowing she had to act fast to get help, the 10-year-old didn't waste any time; she waded into the water, lifted her grandpa's head up for air and began dragging him out onto the ground—all 230 pounds of him.

That act in and of itself is pretty amazing for a 10-year-old. But Cara didn't just stop there.

Seeing that her grandpa's phone was submerged in water—and knowing that they were too far away from anyone else to yell for help—Cara realized she only had one option. Hoisting her grandpa up, she half-dragged, half-carried him for a quarter of a mile back to where the family truck was parked. And then, get this: she helped him inside, grabbed the keys and drove her grandpa to the hospital. (Like a boss.)

"I say I owe her my life, because ... I couldn't have gotten out by myself," Coy told CNN.

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