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Woman Gives Birth on Highway During Snowy Traffic Jam

Photograph by ThinkStock

We've seen all the sitcom parodies—dads running red lights to get their pregnant wives to the hospital. Well, in suburban Atlanta on Tuesday, no cars were going anywhere on a snowy highway snarled with traffic—including one car that was carrying a pregnant woman and the baby's father.

Because of the gridlock, the as-yet-unidentified parents were unable to reach the hospital in time, and the woman ended up giving birth in their car. On the freeway. In the snow.

While the Associated Press reports that "It's unclear if [the baby's] parents were headed to the hospital when they got stuck," the couple gave birth to a baby girl with the help of the Sandy Springs (Ga.) Police Department.

Police Capt. Steve Rose told the AP that the delivery was "flawless," and an ambulance arrived on the scene shortly after the birth and took the newborn to the hospital.

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