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Son Surprises Mom With Super Bowl Tickets

There comes a time when it seems like we've bought our parents just about every present. I mean I could get dad another tie ... or some coffee?

The holidays and anything involving gift-giving become harder and harder. It's the thought that counts (and all that jazz). But, every once in awhile you strike gift gold—like this son did with his mom.

Since the late 1970s, Mike's mom had been a Seahawks fan. When he saw that they were going to the Super Bowl this year, he diligently checked online for tickets he could afford. He found some and managed to snag a sweet hotel deal and plane tickets. The (amazing) catch? Mom didn't find out about the trip until the UPS guy delivered the tickets just a few days ago. Watch the incredible reaction that Mike's mom had to her gift, all caught on camera!

Image via Youtube

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