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Mother and Daughter Reunited Over Social Media

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Photograph by Getty Images/iStockphoto

Social media is often cited as the reason our society doesn't connect as much in person anymore. Take a look around as you're walking down the street or out to dinner—you'll see people buried in their smartphones, tweeting about the ambience, rather than talking to the person next to them. We're all guilty of this.

But we can't ignore that social media does bring us together, too. A mother and daughter were separated more than 20 years ago and were only recently reunited, thanks to social media.

Mom Tamara Graves recalls the day that her daughter was taken from her: "Our separation happened on April 27, 1993. I'll never forget that day." Graves had been arrested on a drug charge in Spokane, Wash., and her daughter, now Tameisha Palmer, was put into the foster care system. She was adopted and now lives in Arizona, but never stopped hoping to reconnect with her biological mom. And Graves never stopped trying, either.

Palmer searched for her mom countless times on social media, but it wasn't until her most recent attempt, on Monday, that she found Graves on Facebook.

After she contacted all of her mom's friends through the social media platform, the two finally spoke for the first time in more than two decades. Naturally, the reunion was filled with tears, smiles and lots of catching up.

Watch the video below for the magic.

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