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Mom Told to Breast-Feed in Alley Instead of Victoria's Secret

baby boy crying in mothers arm
Photograph by Getty Images/iStockphoto

Yet another scandal in the world of breast-feeding: A nursing mother was told that she could not breast-feed in a fitting room of an Austin, Texas, Victoria's Secret earlier this month (because that totally makes sense...).

Ashley Clawson, a 27-year-old mom, was checking out at the Victoria's Secret when her 4-month-old son started crying. Naturally, Clawson knew he needed to be fed. With only a few other customers in the store, Clawson inquired if she could use a changing room to feed him (after she paid $150 for merchandise). Immediately, a salesperson told her "no."

The employee then went on to suggest that Clawson "take her son into the alley outside the store to feed him." She added that it was a long alley so if [she] walked to the end, no one would see her," Clawson told Today.

Yeah, because that makes sense: Just go out back where we throw the garbage—we promise it's sanitary...

Clawson recalls thinking, “What are we, animals? Are [nursing women] that gross to you?”

We can't think of any reason for the salespeople refusing Clawson's simple request—there were very few people in the store, and she was only trying to improve their shopping experiences by hopefully calming the crying baby.

After posting about the occurrence on social media, Clawson was reportedly apologized to and promised a gift card. When asked for a comment, Victoria's Secret released a statement saying, "We take this issue very seriously. We have a longstanding policy permitting mothers to nurse their children in our stores, and we are sorry that it was not followed in this case."

The issue even became so popular that it made it into Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update segment.

Images via Upworthy

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