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WATCH: Mom-to-Be Surfs Through Her Entire Pregnancy

Surfing mom shares pregnancy time-lapse video

We sure do love a good time-lapse video. Last week, we were all ooo-ing and ahh-ing over Brittany and Mark Sherman's 700-photo pregnancy video. But this week, it's Kristi Olivare's kick-ass (and truly beautiful) surfing time-lapse that has us in awe. Aside from the gorgeous backdrop of an unnamed coast, Kristi's film is perhaps most riveting because it shows us an image we so rarely see: a 9-months-pregnant mom-to-be, fearlessly riding the waves.

Now, before you go and ask the inevitable question of just how safe it is to hop on a surfboard when you've got a baby on the way, Kristi herself is quick to point out that her doctor gave her the thumbs up. Plus, in a post on SheSurfs.com, Kristi explains that she stuck to small waves and water that only reached her waist; if anything bigger came, she would head for the shore.

"Luckily I have been surfing at least 4 days a week throughout my pregnancy," she wrote in the post. "So the changes to my body and the ways I have had to adapt my surfing have happened gradually."

"Surfing is such incredible fun, amazing stress relief, and great exercise that if I think it would be dangerous for my baby, I would stop surfing!" she added.

And according to Today Moms, that baby arrived happy and healthy on September 10, 2013. In fact, word on the street is little Alexander Bobby is already hitting up the beach daily with his mom.

Images via YouTube

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