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Best Super Bowl Ads, Starring Kids

Super Bowl commercials featuring kids

There are those of us who tune in to the Super Bowl every year for the love of the game—the thrill of the win, the competitive sportsmanship ... you know, all that good stuff. And then there are those of us who are just there for the dip. And the beer. And the man-gazing. (This author belongs to the latter party.) But if one thing unites us all, it's the willingness to actually sit through and watch commercials for the one and only time all year, just to see if the millions of dollars that were spent on each ad were worth it.

While this year didn't see any hands-down favorites—seriously, Volkswagen, where was the Darth Vader kid when we needed him?—we did see some pretty noteworthy commercials starring kids that deserve a shout-out.

Here were our top 3 favorites.

1. The Doritos Time Machine

In one of the few ads that caused us to literally laugh out loud last night, little Jimmy constructs a time machine out of cardboard boxes—that runs on Doritos. Yum. Watch as an unsuspecting neighbor walks by, agrees to take a trip in the time machine, and ... well, we won't spoil the punch line for you.

2. The GoldiBlox Girls

The GoldiBlox girls are back! If you remember from last year, we were pretty impressed by this new line of girl-centric toys designed to "disrupt the pink aisle and inspire the future generation of female engineers," as well as the awesome ad that came with it. Last night, the same pack of kick-ass girls returned with a brand new anthem. And this time, they're ditching their pink doll houses and ride-on ponies in favor of toys that will have them "building like all the boys."

3. The Cheerios Family Returns!

Another fan favorite came back last night: the Cheerios family, who caused quite a controversy last year. While the ad was first leaked last week, we still enjoyed it all over again last night. Watch as little Gracie learns the news that she's getting a little brother ... and promptly negotiates getting a puppy in one stealth move. She's one smart cookie.

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