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Parody Video Has Clever Solution for Those Who Want the Child-Free Life

Parody offers solution for the child-free life

Do you and your partner keep agonizing over the decision to have kids? Are you both feeling not-quite-ready to totally obliterate your already-happy lifestyle, by bringing a swarm of messy kids into the mix? Then here's a tip: how about not having them?

So asks one of this week's latest viral videos from writer Jason Messina, whose parody clip pokes fun at the all-too-common childbearing fears of would-be parents, in the style of a prescription drug commercial.

Ah yes, we've all been there; caught in the middle of an ad for anxiety pills or blood pressure medication, only to be hit with a laundry list of horrific side effects ranging from never-ending diarrhea to possible death. Well the side effects of not having kids? They're totally no big deal. The ad warns it could lead to eerily quiet studio apartments, holiday season loneliness, midlife regret and late-life regret ... but hey, look what you're getting in return: a fulfilling life of personal happiness and reduced daily stress! (And a crumbless couch, we might add.)

Unfortunately for all those reading, it's probably a bit late for you to not have kids (sorry), so you probably shouldn't try it. The ad warns that living as though you don't have kids at this stage in the game would basically mean you were being a "neglectful a**hole." And nobody wants that.

Image via YouTube

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