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WATCH: 'Say Something' Moves Toddler to Tears

Song moves toddler to tears

To be fair, the first time we heard A Great Big World's "Say Something" duet with Christina Aguilera, we were pretty touched, too. While it may not have led us to do a silent cry in our car seat, to each his own.

Recently, a car ride listen to the ballad had one such effect over a 4-year-old named Jackson, who found the lyrics so touching, he launched into an emotional breakdown, which was equal parts hilarious and heartwarming. Lucky for us (and the entire Internet), his dad had the forethought to film the whole thing on his phone and upload it later to YouTube. And man, is it adorable. (Made even more adorable by the fact that little Jackson is wearing some kind of aviator pilot headgear.)

Poor Jackson! But by the looks of things (and the fact that he gave his dad the thumbs up to keep listening), we're guessing he's totally cool with subjecting himself to the emotional torture of the lyrics. Kind of like the time in high school when you got dumped and then listened to that Dido song on loop for like, a million years. (Or maybe that was just us...)

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