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11-Year-Old Entrepreneur Shut Down by Health Department

What were you doing as an 11-year-old? Probably having slumber parties, giggling about boys and other trivial pursuits. We definitely weren't running successful start-ups. The most money we were making was on our birthday or from taking the trash out every week. (Tough life...)

It's not every day that an 11-year-old girl uses her precious spare time to start a profitable business. But, that's just what Chloe Stirling, 11, of Madison County, Ill., did. After two years in business, though, Stirling is being shut down.

Her successful cupcake brand, Hey Cupcake, has been shuttered by the state's health officials, who say that the 11-year-old either has to buy a bakery or build a separate kitchen.

She can't even fill the numerous orders she had in the pipeline!

But Stirling's mom isn't closing up shop without putting up a fight. According to reports, she plans on meeting with health officials to try and work out an arrangement so they can reopen Hey Cupcake. "This is her niche," she says of her daughter.

While Stirling's mom realizes there will be hurdles to navigate, Madison County Department of Health says that it will not make exceptions to the rules.

We just hope Stirling can get back in the kitchen soon so she can keep making cupcakes shaped like high heels. (Yep, she can do that!)

Image via ABC News

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