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Australian Toddlers Are Turning Into Daredevils

Biker Baby
Photograph by Getty Images/iStockphoto

We love a good adrenaline boost every once in a while as much as the next person. But we definitely don't want to bungee jump or go on a roller coaster every day of the week (or even more than once or twice a year!). But, then again, we're not getting any younger! Am I right?

Then there's the other side of the spectrum: Kids always seem to want to push the limits, go a little faster, get a little more crazy. Often, it takes all our effort just to keep them safe, let alone shelter them from dangerous things they might eventually take a liking to—which is why this new trend out of Australia is not surprising. Toddlers are taking up extreme sports.

Yes, 2-year-olds are hopping on BMX bikes and racing around on dirt tracks at 30 mph like the 20- to 35-year-old professionals they idolize.

Skateboarding is gaining a big following in the kid category, as well. The interesting aspect here, though, is that Skateboarding Australia noted it's because many kids would rather do something that's not as competitive as organized sports.

Then again, what do all these high-risk activities mean for the health of the kids getting involved? Well, according to the Sydney Morning Herald, there is a big emphasis on safety. The spokesperson for BMX Australia says that age is "no barrier for taking part" in the sport.

We just hope they wear their helmets! What do you think—would you let your 2-year-old go BMXing?

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