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WATCH: Baby Sees Superman Fly, Adorableness Ensues

Baby watches Superman in flight

If you've seen any reviews of last year's Superman movie, Man of Steel, you're probably aware that the whole thing was considered pretty meh. For us, just about the only thing we remember was watching the beautiful, hard-bodied Henry Cavill walk around in a tight bodysuit for two hours. (Which was amazing in and of itself.) But for one 16-month-old boy, watching Man of Steel was an emotional experience of a very different kind.

Watch as the little guy sits in his dad's lap, gasping and shaking with wide-eyed wonder at the sheer amazingness of Superman in flight—and tries to mimic the Man of Steel himself. His totally unabashed excitement reminds us just what it is that we love about superheroes, after all.

Image via YouTube

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