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Toddler Shares Her Personal Mantra via Vine (and You Should Totally Steal It)

Toddler's Vine video affirmation is adorable

Brianna Youn may still be in preschool, but if you ask us, she already has a pretty solid sense of self. The tot has taken over Vine this week with one simple, yet totally universal message we can all learn from: haters gonna hate, y'all; love yourself first.

OK, so those may not be her exact words ... but they might as well be.

On one glorious loop, the toddler can be heard saying to her potential critics "I don't care if you don't like me—I love me!" Basically, it's everything you try and tell your kids (and yourself) to think, in spite of all the bullies/mean girls/generally awful people out there. But somehow, watching it come from a toddler—who apparently drinks out of coffee mugs and possesses an impeccable sense of comedic timing—makes it all ring true.

Sure, her parents may have coached her through all of that, but it's still 100 percent adorable. (That wink at the end! Too much.)

Image via Vine

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