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Stranger Pays for Kids' Dinner (Just Wait Until You Hear Why)

Stranger pays for dinner

As a parent, you try to teach your kids a million lessons every day, and just hope some of them stick. Among the biggies? Be kind to others.

But the truth is that when you send them out into the world—whether it be off to school or over to a friend's house—you just don't always know what lessons they're taking with them.

For one family, it seems they got all the reassurance they needed this week, by way of a Post-It note left by a stranger. As Reddit user scarecrow180 shared yesterday, his family was out to dinner at a local Chinese restaurant when his younger brother visited the sushi bar, and apparently left quite an impression on a fellow patron. We're not sure what this kid said, but it was enough to earn all three kids a free meal.

We'd love to know more about the Spiderman reference (Was he wearing a Spidey costume? Did he introduce himself as Spiderman?), but we guess we'll never know. Either way, this kid sounds pretty awesome.

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