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WATCH: Moms' Hilarious Public Breast-Feeding Spoof Will Leave You Laughing

Breastfeeding spoof is hilarious

There's no getting around it, breast-feeding in public has always been a hot-button issue. While one side argues that it's their right to feed their child whenever and wherever they wish, the other side remains unable to feel anything but wild discomfort about it.

But no matter which side you stand on in the debate, maybe we can all agree on one fact: this breast-feeding thing is hard—let's lighten up and go easy on each other!

Spreading that message this week (along with a healthy dose of sarcasm) are some hilarious moms from the Australian group Sparrow Folk. They've taken to YouTube with their spoof single Ruin Your Day, which aims to remind us that not all moms who breast-feed in public are doing it to piss you off. (Because, really, would anyone choose to whip out their boob in public, just to have strangers cast awkward and uncomfortable stares their way? We tend to think not.)

Image via YouTube

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