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Car Enthusiast Takes Son for Ride of His Life

Let's talk about toddlers and car safety. Kids should be in the backseat until they're of the proper age to sit in the passenger's seat. Seat belts should always be worn. And—just throwing it out there—don't do tricks like drifting or spinning out when you have a kid along for the ride.

Toxa Avdeev violated two of the above rules, perhaps most importantly, the fact that his young son was in the passenger seat while he was doing tricks and stunts.

Sure, his son seems amused at first, but then things turn sour. He starts to look terrified and can't seem to hold his head up because of the force of gravity from his dad's fast turns. A frown falls on his face.

While Avdeev seems to be doing his tricks off main roads, his son is in a car seat and Avdeev seems to know what he's doing in terms of skill—we can't help but think of other skilled drivers who have had tragic accidents.

What do you think of this dad's decision to take his son along for a joy ride?

Image via Youtube

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