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Mexican State Government Doesn't Want Kids To Be Bullied

The government in the Mexican state of Sonora wants to prevent parents from naming their kids names that could be degrading, insulting or pejorative. That's why, according to Mexican newspaper El Universal, the state government has released a list of 61 names that are no longer allowed to be entered in the civil registry for minors.

The director of the civil registrar's office, Cristina Ramírez, told the newspaper the office has received calls from England and Colombia to question motives for names on the list, such as Harry Potter. Ramírez said it wasn't a good idea to name children after fictional characters and that the list is intended to protect children from being bullied at school.

Some commenters on the newspaper's Facebook page said they agreed with the list of prohibited names to stave off future chances of being bullied, while others expressed varying levels of of disagreement as well as some asking if the list was a joke. Some commenters also questioned whether the government should intervene with parents' decisions—even if they're making decisions that could cause the child to be teased later on.

Some of the English-language names on the list include Batman, Burger King, Cheyenne, Christmas Day, Email, Facebook, Harry Potter, Hermoine (after the beloved Harry Potter character, Hermione), Hitler, James Bond, Lady Di, Pocahontas, Rambo, Robocop, Rocky, Rolling Stone, Terminator, Twitter and Yahoo. The image above shows all the names on the list.

Here's the official announcement, in Spanish:

What do you think? Should the government of any state or any country be allowed to prohibit parents from naming their kids certain names?

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