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Teen From Skydiving Accident up and Moving Around

Photograph by AP

Every parent's worst nightmare happened last month when 16-year-old Makenzie Wethington's parachute failed to properly eject after skydiving. Her dad had jumped right before her.

Wethington fell 3,500 feet without a proper parachute, according to the Daily Mail. Incredibly, she survived the fall.

Today, she is up and moving around and even answered questions at a press conference. When asked if she'd ever jump again, she responded, "As much as I would like to, I think that my parents and the rest of my family would die if I did. They're against that now." And we can understand that feeling!

Luckily, her doctors say that she's expected to make a full recovery. She's walking around with the assistance of a walker and is regularly in a wheelchair. Wethington is expected to be released from the hospital in about a week but will need ongoing therapy.

Best of luck, Makenzie!

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