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This 3-Year-Old Is Way Smarter Than You'll Ever Be

Alexis Martin named youngest Mensa member in Arizona

Most 3-year-olds are considered ahead of the curve if they've mastered the art of potty training and can refrain from writing on the walls in crayon. But not Alexis Martin. This 3-year-old already has an IQ of 160—and was just named the youngest Mensa card holder in her home state of Arizona.

Alexis's mom and dad started to realize their daughter was special when she was around a year old and began to recite her bedtime stories aloud, word for word. Now, reciting 25 pages aloud by memory is an impressive feat for any adult, let alone for a kid her age. So naturally, it was clear pretty quickly that Alexis was different than most kids.

"We'd be driving around in the car, and she would recite her bedtime story from the night before,” her dad told FOX News Insider. “She didn’t just recite them, she recited them exactly.”

It wasn't long before they started introducing little Alexis to grown-up apps on their iPad, and the little girl began teaching herself all sorts of things. Like, the entire Spanish language for example. (And you thought your toddler was advanced.)

Alexis's parents are now considering whether or not they should start her in kindergarten early. Um, considering her IQ is 60 points higher than the average person, they may want to start her in high school, if you ask us.

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