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Mom Shares 'Beautiful Photo' of Breastfeeding While Smoking a Bong

Photograph by Twenty20

You really can't blame a new mom for much of what happens after she gives birth. After all, she just made a life, which is an exhausting task. Did she forget to call you back or fall asleep mid conversation? Did she flake on book club or miss an appointment? Did she fail to acknowledge the casserole you dropped off (which was delicious, by the way)?

Really, you'll just have to excuse her.

That being said, some moms with new babies aren't so much overwhelmed as they are out of their minds. Take Kayla Marlow.

The Oregon mom shared a photo on Facebook, where she's breastfeeding her baby while SMOKING A BONG. (Pardon the all caps, but we just got used moms breasteeding while having sex.)

On one hand, her friend is the one lighting a bong. On the other hand ... on the other hand IS A BABY. (All caps over, promise!)

There are those who suggest nursing moms drink beer to boost their milk supply (although the American Academy of Pediatrics says its effectiveness is an urban myth, and they are staunchly not among the advocates of this practice). Moreover, the AAP also says at least two hours should pass before a nursing mom who has had an alcoholic drink can feed her baby.

As for getting high? Literally no one is encouraging a nursing mom to get high—especially with a nursling latched on—except other parents who are doing it. Plenty weighed in on Marlow's post with their own stories and tips for how to light up without burning the baby.

"Love it!!" writes Sierra Cox. "My boyfriend would do this for me when I breastfed and of course you have to do the lean-over so you don't bump their head or light their little hairs on fire."

Photograph by Facebook

Sure, it's legal to use recreationally and medicinally in Oregon, where Marlow is raising her baby. However, it's not safe to use while pregnant or breastfeeding. Being legal and not dangerous simply aren't the same thing (just as driving a car with a license is legal, but driving a car with a license while going 110 mph is not).

'Needed a safe place to share this beautiful picture.'

Just because marijuana is a plant also does not make it safe. (Reminder: tobacco and poison ivy are also plants.) The THC in marijuana passes directly into the bloodstream, so if Mom is getting high, so is baby.

As if the situation couldn't get even more disturbing, apparently Marlow captioned the photo, which she posted on the page of a cannabis parenting support group, CannaParentingSupport.V.420, with "Needed a safe place to share this beautiful picture."

Indeed, she found a safe space to share the photo (although perhaps not so safe, because Marlow and the friend with her in the photo have since deactivated their Facebook pages, which might make it harder for child protective services to find them since commenters have said they would be reported).

Glad she's prioritizing safety! Now she just needs to find a safe way to feed her baby.

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