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Meet 'Business Baby,' the Internet's Latest Viral Sensation

"business baby" photo goes viral

Parents, beware. Uploading impossibly adorable (and potentially viral) photos of your kids online could have long-term and HILARIOUS consequences. In other words, that sweet baby photo of yours could be turned into a meme that takes on a life of its own, with or without your consent.

We're guessing that's what happened with this kid, who had highly classified business to attend to by the sliding glass door...

And this kid, who had a particularly awesome day at the day on the beach...

Now, it's also the story for one tot dubbed "Business Baby," who was just minding his own business and eating his cereal one morning ... while talking on a toy phone. Next thing he knew, his dad was snapping a photo and sharing it on Facebook, while a family friend promptly posted it to Reddit.

In just 24 hours time, the entire Internet had a complete and utter freakout.

Below is just a taste of what has ensued over the last few days.

While "Business Baby's" dad was cool with it being shared, he's not so sure how he feels about the resulting memes. In BuzzFeed's words, he's a little "weirded out."

Would you be OK with your kid's photo being turned into an Internet meme?

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