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Mom's 'Science Project' Gets at the Heart of Why We All Hate Science Projects

Oh, the dreaded Science Fair. There isn't a parent out there who doesn't loathe that time of year.

We all run through the same routine.

First, there are the days right after the project is assigned, when your kid more or less pretends it doesn't exist; followed by the days of you poking and prodding them to get started. Then there are the hours spent trying to come up with some kind of a genius idea yourself (or at least rip one off from the Internet), and then plant it in your kid's brain by some sort of osmosis. (Sadly, this never works.) And finally, there are the actual hours spent working on the project—which you swear are some of the worst hours of your life—filled with lots of frustration, hand-wringing and tears (mostly on the part of you). All so that once the day of the Science Fair arrives, you are equal parts proud that you survived it all ... and this close to lighting that paper-mache volcano on fire, yourself.

Mom Susan Messina feels your pain, and made light of our universally shared hatred for science projects in one glorious meme this week. In her own mini science project, she sets out to prove just how much turmoil the science project creates for families. Results are 100 percent accurate.

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