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Surfer Dog Grants Dying Teen’s Wish

Dying boy rides waves with surfing dog

Fifteen-year-old Caleb Acosta has been bravely battling terminal brain and spinal cancer for nearly a year now, but according to his mom, Cathy, that fact hasn’t wounded his spirit one bit.

“My son is an amazing kid," she says in a video posted on Ricochet's YouTube channel. "Despite all his pain and all of his difficult situations, that smile that you see, it's always there. He always has it."

It was definitely there on a recent trip to a California beach, where the Florida teen traveled to make a dream of his come true, with help from the folks at the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

It wasn’t the biggest of dreams, but to Caleb, it was everything. He simply wanted to get in the ocean and catch some waves—alongside Ricochet, a surfing dog he once saw featured on ESPN.

This month, he was finally able to do just that. With help from volunteers, Caleb’s wheelchair was pushed out into the water, where he carefully made his way onto a surfboard, and let Ricochet hop on. From there, the two happily rode wave after wave onto shore, as Caleb’s family watched with happy tears from the beach.

Caleb’s infectious zest for life is part of why his family has chosen not to focus on his limited time left with them. In fact, Cathy says that they “are not interested in hearing” Caleb’s life expectancy from doctors at all, and instead concentrate on living each day to its fullest.

When asked by a reporter how he remains so positive, in spite of everything, Caleb responded with some inspiring words.

"It's just, I don't know," he said. "Just with God's help, everything is possible. So I know he has a plan for me."

Watch Caleb and Ricochet’s surf session­—and get those tissues ready.

Inspired? You can learn more about Caleb’s story on his Facebook page, PrayForCaleb and more about Ricochet on her official website.

Image via YouTube

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