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Dad Creates Seriously Cool NASA-Themed Desk for His Kids

When most people visit the Kennedy Space Center, they undoubtedly leave a bit awestruck. But for Jeff Highsmith, who recently made a trip there with his boys, he left a little more inspired than most.

Once home, the dad of two let his imagination run wild and got to work.

See this desk? Don’t be fooled by its ordinary outward appearance.

…when you lift its cover, a command center is revealed. And it is truly amazing.

The NASA-inspired desk comes complete with buttons that light up, cool rocket noises, and even an iPad that can play space-like images (you know, to get the full effect). Yep, it’s pretty cool. But as Highsmith wrote in his blog for MAKE Magazine, his kids aren’t allowed to play on it until after they’ve finished their homework. (Good policy.)

See the command center in action:

Now, you might remember Highsmith from the headline-making tooth fairy machine he made back in September, which was awesome. If not, check it out now. Clearly, this guy deserves the Most Creative Dad EVER Award.

Images via YouTube

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