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Powerful Short Film Reminds Us of the Beauty Inside Us All

Going viral the last few weeks is a seven-minute ad out of Thailand that's nothing short of amazing. The touching film is all part of Wacoal's "Beauty Inside" campaign aimed at women, and tells the tale of Jane, an ordinary woman living an ordinary life—at least, on the surface.

Jane lives in a big city and busily spends her days working her way through school. She is also a single mother devoted to her young daughter, June, and lives for the time they spend together.

From the outside, though, Jane’s story is one shrouded in a bit of mystery. Rumors swirl about the daughter she had so young—some say it was the result of a teenage affair; others are not so sure.

But none of them quite have the story right.

The truth about how Jane came to be an unlikely young mother isn't scandalous or salacious at all—it's beautiful. But we won't spoil the rest. Watch for yourself:

The ad is one of a three-part series made by Wacoal, a Thai lingerie company. You can watch the others here.

Image via YouTube

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