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Adoptive Mom Creates Photo Series to Spotlight Offensive Comments About Daughters

After hearing so many offensive comments about her adoptive daughters, mom Kim Kelley-Wagner decided to make a statement. And a big one at that.

The 55-year-old middle school communications director from Charlottesville, Va., who's also single, adopted two girls from China when they were babies—Liliana, who's now 13, and Meika, who's now 7. She made the decision to adopt after seeing a story about Chinese orphans in Time magazine, according to Yahoo!

But Kelley-Wagner says she began hearing not-so-considerate questions and comments immediately after she brought her first daughter home.

"The comments began right from the start," Kelley-Wagner tells Yahoo! "We would be shopping, and cashiers or store clerks would say things like, 'How much did she cost?' or 'You could have bought a car for what it probably cost to adopt her.'"

So Kelley-Wagner decided to turn her situation into a "teachable moment," she says, and created a photo project on Facebook titled Things said to or about my adopted daughters...

The project features images of her daughters each holding a whiteboard with the offensive comments written on it, comments like "Didn't you want one that looked like you?"

Critics of the project, however, have called it exploitative, according to Yahoo!

Kelley-Wagner defends her project, saying that she wants her children "to be aware of the ignorance in the world so they'll know how to handle it."

"My advice to them," she tells the site, "is to leave your offenders speechless."

In fact, Kelley-Wagner tells the story of a couple who approached their family and the woman said, "I couldn't love someone I didn't give birth to." Liliana then responded, "Oh, did you give birth to your husband?"

"I was proud of her," Kelley-Wagner says.

Images via Facebook

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