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How to Make Someone's Day With a Simple Act of Kindness

Have you performed a random act of kindness recently? Before you answer, consider this: Something as small as holding the door open extra long, giving your seat up on the bus to a woman who looks overly tired or simply waving at a stranger passing by ... it all counts. Sure, these acts don't seem like they'd make a big difference in someone's day, but more often than not, they do. And here's your proof.

Tinney Davidson of Comox, British Columbia, has waved at students on their way to and from school for years now. As kids walk down the street, Davidson is always perched in her window with a great big smile on her face and her hand up waving gleefully. She's been doing it for so long that kids have taken to waving back, and now look forward to it every day.

This past Valentine's Day, the students wanted to give back some of the kindness Davidson has showed them. They called a school assembly and invited her to it, thanking her and presenting her with a gift to show their gratitude. "You can always count on her to be that warm smile on a dreary day," one student said.

It just goes to show, even a small wave can make a big difference!

Image via YouTube

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