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Dad Builds Epically Cool Backyard Luge

Dad builds backyard luge for kids

Kids can't help but get inspired every time the Olympics roll around. One minute they're watching the Winter Games on TV, and the next they're dreaming of winning the gold and mock-figure-skating around the living room.

But let's be honest, all that "go for the gold" patriotic stuff gets us adults, too. Apparently, though, it gets some of us more than others.

Take Long Island, N.Y., dad Jay Venini, who was so inspired by the Sochi games that he built an entire backyard luge track in the snow for his kids. (Yes, really.)

And that's not all. It has a name—the "Looney Luge"—and a whole "USA 2014" theme to go with it, for a super fun Olympics vibe...

And it basically looks like the most fun a kid could ever have in his backyard, ever.

But these photos just don't do it justice. See the luge in action in the video Venini made of his kids having the time of their lives:

Hey, remember when you thought that igloo you built in the front yard was cool? Looks like it's time to step up your A game.

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