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Want to Feel Old? Watch Kids Use the Rotary Phone

Kids react to rotary phones

The Fine Brothers are at it again, with another hilarious reaction video starring kids. In this week's genius clip, they place a rotary phone in front of a few truly perplexed kids ... and sit back to watch the magic happen.

For starters, each kid is more confused than the next. (Are these buttons? How do you dial? WHAT'S HAPPENING?!) Not to mention, they all seem pretty disturbed that this "old-fashioned phone" works nothing like their iPhone does. Watch as they try and figure out how to use the old relic—that, as one kid cleverly notes, "Alexander Graham Bell invented."

This clip really brings back some memories. Remember when you'd mess up one of the numbers and have to start dialing all over again? The madness!

Image via YouTube

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