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The Holderness Family Returns to Rap About the Oscars

Holderness family raps about the Oscars

If you found yourself super stoked to watch the Oscars this year, only to realize you hadn't actually seen any of the movies nominated—save Frozen, of course—you're in good company. The Holdernesses, who are now champs at this viral video thing, were right there with you.

Sure, they probably loved watching Ellen deliver pizzas to hungry A-listers and John Travolta royally botch Idina Menzel's name, but did they know who the heck Philomena Lee was? Nope. Did they catch Lupita Nyong'o's award-winning performance in 12 Years a Slave? Uh, not really, since that was the night the babysitter canceled.

Yep, the Holderness family pretty much hit the nail on the head again with this one, summing up just about every parent's Oscar night. But hey, even if you never left the house to see a non-animated, PG-13-or-higher movie, we're willing to bet you did manage to do the one thing that really matters this year—and that's pre-order Frozen on DVD. (We're right, aren't we?)

Image via YouTube

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