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WATCH: Newborn Baby Refuses to Let Go of Mom, Moments After Being Born

Baby won't let go of mom

For anyone who's ever been inside a delivery room just moments after a baby is born, there are really no words to describe how amazing it is. And never has that intense and immediate bond been more apparent than in this amazingly touching video that went viral last week.

After a new mom gives birth to her baby (presumably via C-section), doctors hold the little one by mom's face, only to watch as the baby refuses—and we mean seriously refuses—to let go. Every time doctors attempt to pull the baby away, the little guy cries harder and grabs hold of mom's forehead to stay put.

You'd think nine months spent cooped up inside the womb would make this guy pretty eager to make a grand escape. But if babies could talk, this kid would probably be yelling, "PUT ME BACK IN!"

Image via YouTube

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