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Average Barbie Doll Could Become a Reality

When we were little girls, we dressed our Barbies, cut their hair and played house with them. They were always so pretty, no matter how short we made their 'dos.

But let's face it: Barbie is nowhere near what real women look like. In fact, research has shown that if Barbie were a real person, her neck wouldn't be able to support her head and she would have to carry much of her intestines in her purse (because her waist is so small!). Well, thanks to crowdfunding, a new kind of doll that portrays real beauty could be hitting the market soon.

Meet Lammily. She's been crafted and designed with real women's proportions in mind (OK, a 19-year-old's proportions, but still). She has minimal makeup, relatable clothes (no princess outfits or '80s spandex) and a sensible hair style. What's not to love about her?

Kim Culmone, the vice president of Barbie design tells Fast Company that "Barbie’s body was never designed to be realistic." Fun fact: It was simply so we could easily dress and undress her, Culmone says.

Nevertheless, Nickolay Lamm, a Pittsburgh-based artist, created Lammily with the idea that initially she would appeal to moms––they would buy her for their daughters in hopes that one day girls would prefer playing with her over Barbie. "I spent lots of time and research to create a doll which daughters are going to love," Lamm notes. "I created [Lammily] because I wanted to show that average is beautiful."

Watch the transformation here:

Image via Nickolay Lamm

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