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Facebook Birthday Boy Gets Surprise Party on 'Good Morning America'

A 10-year-old boy from Michigan who told his mom he didn't want a birthday party because he didn't think anyone would come got the first of a few surprises this morning when Good Morning America threw him a big birthday bash.

The almost-11-year-old, whose birthday is on March 9, partied in Times Square this morning, at a celebration that included the Rutgers University marching band, a huge cake and tickets to Disney World, according to

You might remember reading about his mom, Jennifer, who set up a Facebook page for Colin so that he could get "Happy Birthday" messages from all over the world. Little did she know just how viral the page would become—as of today, it has 2.1 million likes.

She created the page because Colin has a form of Asperger's syndrome, which makes it hard for him to make friends. Jennifer wanted to show him "how much he is loved," she wrote on the page.

As for Colin's reaction?

"Really surprised," he tells Apparently, he thought he was visiting the show to test out a video game.

No doubt, this was much better. (And just wait till he sees all of his birthday messages on Facebook!)

Happy birthday, Colin!

Photo via Facebook

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