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What Really Happened with Batkid, Andrew Garfield and the Oscars?

Batkid fans all over the world were up in arms yesterday, after rumors circulated about Spider-Man star Andrew Garfield storming out of an Oscars rehearsal featuring the pair, which ultimately resulted in the segment being canceled.

Holy snub, Batkid!

Garfield and his reps, however, are saying that's not how the situation went down.

On Thursday, the New York Post's Page Six reported that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, which organizes the Oscars, had planned on making 5-year-old cancer patient Miles Scott, aka Batkid, an honorary superhero. Garfield was there to help with the honors.

"Garfield refused to go by the script [for the Oscar segment]," an anonymous source tells the Post. "He came up with his own lines. The producers felt that Garfield’s [rewrites] were not appropriate. Garfield had a tantrum. He stormed off. Miles and his family, who were at the rehearsal, were devastated.”

Garfield's rep, Rupert Fowler, however, tells Us Weekly, "In full collaboration with the Academy and the show writer, Andrew prepared a segment for the Oscars to honor Miles Scott as the true hero that he is. At some point overnight on Saturday/Sunday morning, it was decided by those running the show that the segment didn't work in the ceremony."

"They decided to pull it—Andrew and Miles were equally upset," he says. "The producers arranged for Miles and his family to visit Disneyland on Monday and Andrew drove down to visit them and to bring Miles a personal gift. Andrew did the right thing for Batkid and anyone saying otherwise is flat out lying."

The Academy's statement, via MTV.com, seems to reflect that take as well:

"Due to the nature of a live show, hard decisions sometimes must be made which require the Academy to cut segments due to the logistics of production. Andrew Garfield understood that his segment had to be omitted, and he drove to Disneyland on Monday to spend time with 5-year-old Miles Scott (Batkid) and his family."

Whatever really happened, we just hope Miles had a bat-tabulous time!

Photos via RexUSA and Make-A-Wish

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