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'Burger King Baby' Seeks Birth Mother 27 Years Later

A woman who was abandoned as an infant 27 years ago at a Burger King in Allentown, Pa., is now searching for her birth mother.

Katheryn Deprill, a mom herself to three boys, decided to make her search public and posted her photo on Facebook, along with a note that asks people to share the image and information.

So far, the photo has been shared more than 21,000 times.

When she was only hours old, Deprill was abandoned in 1986 in the restroom of the fast-food chain. "Someone had heard me crying, and they notified the staff and they came in. I was laying there on the floor," Deprill explains to WPTV.com.

She was placed into foster care and then adopted by Brenda Hollis.

Deprill says she always knew she was adopted, according to the site, but it was when she was 12 that she learned exactly how she was found—when Hollis gave her a scrapbook with photos and newspaper clippings detailing her situation.

Wanting to find her birth mother for a variety of reasons, including learning about her medical history, Deprill tells the site that she's not angry.

"We're not coming after you for anything. We're not angry," she tells the site about her birth mother. "I just want to see you. I want to say thank you for not throwing me away, literally."

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