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7-Year-Old Evokes the Soul of Billie Holiday on 'Norway's Got Talent'

Norwegian 7-year-old sings Billie Holiday

When a Norwegian 7-year-old showed up center-stage on Norway's Got Talent last week—with bare feet and two missing front teeth—the judges probably weren't sure what to expect. But as soon as the pint-sized performer opened her mouth, it was clear this kid had quite the set of pipes, with some serious soul to back them up.

First-grader Angelina Jordan Astar commanded the stage with a quiet confidence, crooning Billie Holiday's dark classic Gloomy Sunday while the audience just sat there—mouths open, getting goosebumps.

"I felt something special about it; it's hard to explain in words," Angelina later told a Norwegian TV station. "When I sang it for my mom, she said that this song is nice, but it was an incredibly sad song."

And its sadness isn't lost on the tiny prodigy herself. Since she's already mastered English as a second language (because, of course), she says she understood each and every word she was singing perfectly. Unfortunately, we have not mastered the Norwegian language, and have no idea what the judges are saying at the end of this clip, but it's safe to say they were pretty impressed.

Is it just us, or does this kid make you think of a young Joss Stone or Amy Winehouse?

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