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Yoga Mom Takes Over Instagram With Amazing Photos

At 36, Laura Kasperzak has quite the résumé. She's a mom of two, yoga instructor, amateur photographer and, most recently, an Instagram sensation—who has upward of 700,000 followers. Her newfound success is all thanks to the impressively artistic photos she's been posting lately, which show her in all sorts of yoga-like contortions, while her kids follow along, adorably.

The yogi, who goes by @laurasykora on Instagram, says she's been practicing yoga for the last 17 years, and loves teaching her kids new poses and postures whenever she's not at her Lincoln Park, N.J., yoga studio. She also runs the fitness site Two Fit Moms.

"Photography is my other hobby and passion, so I really take a lot of pride that I shoot my own stuff," she writes on her studio Web site.

Scroll on, and prepare to be amazed...

See more amazing photos on Kasperzak's Instagram account.

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