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Police Officer Pens Incredibly Touching Note to Calm the Fears of Two Little Girls

Police officer writes touching note to two girls, assuring them they are safe at night

When it comes to his job, let's just say Lieutenant Paul Barbour takes that oath to "serve and protect" pretty seriously. So seriously, in fact, that when he's not out catching criminals on the streets of Edmund, Okla., he's apparently writing adorably sweet notes to help kids feel a little safer in their beds at night.

It all started last week, when the police officer heard that the young daughters of a family friend were having trouble sleeping at night because they didn't feel safe. Aubrey Craig reportedly slept with a golf club, while Ava kept a Louisville slugger beside her bed. “There are so many bad things out there and you never know what can happen to you,” Aubrey later told KFOR News.

When Barbour heard this, the do-gooder cop decided to put their fears to rest. During one of his night shifts, he tacked a reassuring note to their front door, letting them know he's been keeping watch. Then he simply continued on his way. But at some point over the next few days, word trickled out, and his buddies at the Edmund Police Department got a hold of it. That's when they posted the note to their Facebook page, proud that one of their own had made such a small, yet powerful gesture to two little girls.

If you can't quite make out Barbour's handwriting, the sweet note reads: Hello Ava and Aubrey, This is Lt. Paul Barbour from Edmond P.D. I work the night shift and patrol neighborhoods and look for criminal activity. We do this so people can sleep and [sic] night and not worry about their safety. I was driving through your neighborhood and everything looked good! I wanted to drop you a note to let you know all is well! Take care, Paul Barbour.

The post received thousands of comments on Facebook before making its way to Reddit, where it's since gone viral. (Easy to see why.) And while it's warming the hearts of people everywhere, it's also achieved its mission: to make little Aubrey and Ava Craig feel safe. Aubrey, 11, told KFOR News that she already feels more secure at night knowing that Lt. Barbour is out there keeping things safe.

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