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Body Image Motivator Responds to 'Hot Facebook Mom' in One Powerful Image

Body image motivator responds to Maria Kang's latest controversial post

If you were more than a little miffed by Maria Kang's latest "What's your excuse?" post, you're not alone. The mom and fitness instructor seems to be a lightning rod for controversy, and in her latest post, she stands scantily clad and photoshopped, with arrows pointing to various parts of her body. Each one calls out one of the many obstacles involved in being a mom that tend to wreak havoc on the body, from multiple pregnancies to not getting enough sleep. But, as Kang's photo suggests, these are no excuse; none of them stands in her way of having an incredibly hot body.

Enter Tamra Brumfitt. The Aussie mom and "body image motivator" has been on a mission for awhile now to get us thinking about our bodies in a different way—as she says, more like a "vehicle to your dreams" rather than an ornament. And she's got a bone to pick with Kang's approach to "empowering" women.

So in direct response to Kang's post, the founder of The Body Movement posed for her own nearly-naked photo shoot, and struck a slightly more positive tone. This one doesn't involve striving for perfection to achieve happiness, she notes; it celebrates body diversity and a sense of health and happiness that "doesn't come from the scales."

Yep; stretchmarks and all, this mom of three wants us to love our bodies, stop beating ourselves up and remember that beauty is more than just a number on a scale. Now this is a movement we can get behind.

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