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Support for Woman Who Was Breast-Feeding and Labeled a Tramp

Seriously, folks, this debate about public breast-feeding is becoming tiresome.

The most recent addition to the saga is a post on a Facebook page in the U.K. about a woman who was feeding her little girl while she was out shopping on Friday.

The post read: "I know the sun is out n all that but there's no need to let your kid feast on your nipple in town!!! Tramp"

Yes, now people are reverting to name-calling. What, are we in ... 2nd grade?

Aside from this statement being hurtful, it's also cowardly to post anonymously on a Facebook page. All that aside, we're pleased to hear that Emily Slough, the woman in the photo, is fighting back. She's arranging a massive breast-feeding event in her small English town and is gaining a following through the Twitter hashtag #rugeleymassfeed.

Then, there's this guy below. Ettrick Scott writes his own poetry and shares it online. He was so outraged by Slough's situation that he wrote a spoken word piece.

Let's just say it's amazing. (Also, is it just us, or are all Brits amazing at poetry about public breast-feeding?)

Image via Daily Mail

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