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The Cool Mom Cocktail That'll Make You Give Up Your Rosé

Photograph by Twenty20

OK, friends, finish up that rosé because after hearing about this new "it" drink, that glass of wine will never be the same again. U.S.-based spirits label Wölffer Estate Vineyard has released another batch of their premium pink distilled gin—yes, we said pink—and it's le-gin-dary.

The company only produced 1,681 bottles in their first batch of pink gin last year. This time around, with the "millennial pink" hype at full force and the unstoppable "rosé all day" mantra, you can bet people will clear the shelves.

While many gins are normally grain-based, these are made with the famous Wölffer Estate rosé wine as the base, which gives the drink a more playful and fruity vibe. The drink's main flavoring is nothing to wine about either: It comes from juniper berries handpicked from their estate near the Hamptons in New York. There are also hints of anise, fennel, coriander, cumin, cardamom and fresh mint. Then, a bit of grape skin extract is added to create that iconic light pink color.

There's so much sass in this gin, just holding a glass of pink G&T will peg you as the mom who doesn't mess around.

Added bonus? The gin is actually made with love.

"Because distilling isn’t our main business, we can afford to distill at a slow pace and use only the purest and best alcohol, discarding the rest," the press release reads.

If you can't make it to the Wölffer Estate (because kids), you can take the ever-favorite mom route: online shopping. Bottle Hampton currently sells the gin for $27.99 per bottle (regular price is $34.99). Lucky parents in the U.K. also have a few more options for pink gin, including Gordon's, Edgerton and Pink 47.

Pour yourself that Instagram-worthy late summer martini, and let the fun beGIN!

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