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5-Year-Old Boards Wrong Bus to Wrong School and Spends Entire Day There

Girl boards wrong bus, spends day at wrong school

A kindergartner from Schenectady, N.Y., had quite the adventure recently, after she boarded the wrong bus, wound up at the wrong school and spent the entire day posing as another kid, by accident.

The strange series of errors began when little Janeya Nevins mistakenly hopped onto the wrong school bus, which was being driven by a substitute driver. And while you may be thinking that a different driver should have raised some red flags, it didn't—the substitute had actually driven for Janeya's bus route before, so it was a familiar face.

Confusing matters even further was the fact that teachers were waiting back at the school, expecting to welcome a brand-new 1st grader. So when Janeya stepped off the bus, they asked her if she was the new student. Her reply? Yep! She then spent the rest of the day posing as the 1st grader (who apparently never showed), answering to her name, and even signing her papers under her new identity.

The whole mishap was only discovered once Janeya's mother, Patricia, called Howe Elementary School after her daughter failed to be dropped off at her usual time. That's when school administrators told her that Janeya hadn't been in school all day—and Patricia flew into a panic. It apparently wasn't long before details were pieced together, and everyone discovered that Janeya had actually been dropped off at nearby Yates Elementary School.

After several hours, mother and daughter were happily reunited. But that doesn't mean Patricia isn't still furious.

"It's still upsetting to me. I look at her and I could still cry," Patricia told WNYT, before adding that she's considering taking legal action. In the meantime, the school district says it will reevaluate their procedures to make sure nothing like this happens again.

As mind-boggling as this story may be, it reminds us of an even crazier one back October, which involved a grandpa picking up the wrong kid from school, thinking she was his grandchild. He took her all the way to the doctor—where she had a full checkup—before he dropped her back off at school. What's more, no one even batted an eyelash until later that day, when the kid returned home and told her shocked father about her little excursion.

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