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'Dear Future Mom' Ad Aims for the Heart, Totally Nails It

Mom writes letter to Down syndrome organization, gets video back

For most moms-to-be, those nine long months are filled with as many floods of excitement as waves of worry. Am I taking in too much caffeine? Is there mercury in that? Is my kid going to get into a good preschool? Wait, should I be looking into that now...?

But for moms who have already known their child will be born with a condition or disability, those remaining months can be a torturous waiting game filled with lots of what-ifs.

Recently, an Italian mother expecting a baby with Down syndrome put all her fears onto paper, penning a moving note to Italy's Down syndrome organization, CoorDown. She had just learned the news about her son's condition, and understandably, she was scared. "What kind of life will my baby have?" she wondered in her letter, in the hopes someone would write back and comfort her. What she got instead was a million times better than anything she could have imagined.

Just in time for World Down Syndrome Day on March 21, CoorDown's ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi put together an amazing response video that will leave you teary.

They asked 12 kids and adults with Down syndrome to tell the mom-to-be what living with Down Syndrome is really likeā€”from the difficult to the amazing. And, while we won't spoil anything for you, the last 30 seconds are just simply amazing. Have the tissues ready.

Image via YouTube

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